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Quick cleaning solutions should be for everyone, they should save time, they should save money, and they should work. This said, let's look at some very simple but effective cleaning solutions, gathered through the years:


SINKS: Once a month, pour one cup of baking soda, followed by one cup of white vinegar down the drain. Wait an hour and flush with warm water. The combination fizzles away most of the buildup. Works for shower, tub and kitchen sink drains as well.

REMOVING CRAYON MARKS: Remove crayon marks from painted walls by scrubbing with toothpaste or an ammonia-soaked cloth. Rinse and dry.

Cleaning sink

CANDLE WAX: For spilled wax on carpets and upholstery, put a brown paper bag over the dried wax and run a hot iron over it. The bag will absorb the hot wax.

TAR OR PITCH ON HANDS AND SKIN: This is a sticky problem that doesn't have to be difficult to clean. Spray the affected area with WD-40, work it into the pitch or tar, then use a teaspoon full of dish soap with just a little water, and work this in as well. Rinse under warm water. The oil acts as a solvent, breaking up the pitch/tar, and the soap cuts the oil. If you don't have any WD-40, cooking oil will also work, though not quite as well.

OIL STAINS ON CONCRETE: Pour a can of coke on the fresh stain, allow it to sit for fifteen minutes to a half hour, scrub the area with a stiff brush, add a little powdered laundry detergent, scrub again, then hose off. This is best on fresh stains; the ones that haven't had time to soak deep into the concrete.

Pouring clay style cat litter over a very fresh oil spill will also help absorb the oil.

GUM IN HAIR OR CLOTH: Rub ice over the gum, and once cold, break it off of the hair or clothing. Gum becomes brittle when cooled.

CHEAP HAND DEGREASER: Store bought hand degreaser is expensive and tends to leave a mess all over everything when it is used. Here is a very cheap alternative that doesn't leave as much of a mess; use washing-up liquid. Apply the liquid liberally, work it in to the oil, and rinse. Any oily residue left on the sink, etc, rinses off just as easily. Washing-up liquid can even be stored in decorative hand soap bottles, but it works far better than hand soap. You don't even need to buy the good washing-up liquid. Cheap brands will work just as well.

EASY AND CHEAP MICROWAVE CLEANER: Put a damp cloth into the microwave, turn on for about a minute then leave to stand for a further minute. The steam from the cloth should have moistened any dried food on the microwave inner walls and now can be wiped clean with the damp cloth. Be careful that the cloth is not too hot to handle.

PROLONGING THE LIFE OF YOUR CAT LITTER: You clean the cat box several times a day, and still have a bad stink coming from the litter box within just a couple days? Try sprinkling 1/4 cup baking soda over the litter. The baking soda absorbs the odors. It works pretty good in shoes, too.

MILDEW: To remove mildew from the corners of the tub, dip cotton balls in bleach and let them sit, when you finish cleaning the bath, remove cotton and rinse well. The mildew will be gone.

WALLPAPER: To remove pencil marks and other non-greasy spots from non-washable papers, use an art-gum eraser or a slice of fresh rye bread.


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